Cooking Club

Friendly hands-on practical workshops

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We offer you the chance to develop your kitchen skills, learn new techniques, gain hands-on experience, improve your cooking confidence and have lots of fun for all ages. Over the years we have engaged, educated and spread the awareness of healthy cooking and healthy eating. We run pop-up workshops at festivals, events and after school clubs with local schools.

Register your interest for upcoming cooking workshops  at Thames community Hub.

Note children 3 years and above can attend the sessions. Parent will be responsible for looking after the children

Creative Wellness delivers imaginative, cross curriculum cookery workshops, teaching children the importance of healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle in schools and we do workshops for families, for them to cook healthy meals on budget.

If you’re a business, charity, school or organisation and are interested in reaching out we are always open for collaborations! Please go to our Contact page and get in touch so we can send you a proposal package and plan a workshop for you (or your organisation)!

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