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Creative Wellness

Building Healthy Communities

Creative Wellness believes in holistic care and offers a fusion of fitness and wellness services allowing you to improve your health which is our number one priority. There are many different factors that contribute to wellbeing, such as living an active, happy and healthy lifestyle.


Stronger Community

Our clubs educate, engage and motivate communities of all ages since 2015, by delivering successful commissioned projects in schools, festivals, events and community centres in London.

  • Healthy eating & cookery sessions
  • Therapeutic,fun filled art & craft sessions
  • Ladies fitness & sports club
  • Mental health awareness by providing a safe place to communicate
Cycling Club

You are one bike ride away from a good mood and better health.

Walking Club

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the most ancient exercise and still the best modern exercise: Walking

Badminton Club

Laughter is the second best medicine, badminton is the first as it is the best workout sport.

Cooking Club

Cooking is a fun skill which enriches your body with the best nutrients to live a healthy life.

Art Club

Art & creativity is a way of life & vital nourishment. It is therapeutic and enjoyable.

Mental Health Club

A healthy mind is the greatest treasure to find, to be healthy as a whole Mental wellness plays an important role.

Wellness Sessions


Health Checks
Health Coaching
Healthy Eating & Cookery Sessions
Mental Health Awareness

Providing a safe place to communicate.

Preventive Sessions
Weight Management
Therapeutic, Fun-filled Art & Crafts Sessions
Ladies/girls Fitness

it's what we're all about

We are passionate about the community wellness. We want you to feel excited and empowered, to expand your knowledge, and equip you with the action steps and resources you need to transform your life!